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Frequently Asked Questions

Rolf Method Structural Integration is a form of hands-on bodywork that focuses on soft connective tissue (aka “fascia”) to realign the body. Fascia runs through the body like a 3-dimensional web– connecting and wrapping every muscle, bone, organ, and nerve.

By increasing body awareness and releasing fascial restrictions that result from injury, repetitive motion, and postural habits, the body is free to move with greater ease and increased range & quality of motion.

Structural Integration is ideally done in a series of 10 progressive sessions that work to reorganize the body as a whole. This holistic method uncovers a healthier functioning body system, getting to the root cause of aches and pains so you can experience optimal alignment and fluidity in your body.

Benefits of Structural Integration include:

  • Better alignment & posture
  • Reduced compression & pain
  • Greater range & quality of motion
  • Strengthened Mind/Body awareness
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Improved overall wellness

When you arrive for your first session or consultation, we will do a full intake and discuss your goals and any injuries or issues you’re having. Your posture and movement (such as walking) will be analyzed and we’ll take pictures to compare your posture before and after. Then we’ll get to work on the table!

Unlike a massage treatment, you will be periodically asked to move your body (such as reaching, stepping, or moving the pelvis) to increase results and retrain the body to move more efficiently. Each session has an emotional theme and movement lesson used to enrich the session and maintain mobility. By the end of a session, you should notice a difference in the areas we worked on and after the full 10 series, you’ll have a whole new sense of freedom and awareness of your body and how you move through space.

Changes in the body’s structure and quality of movement progress long after treatment. Full results can take 3 months to a year after your 10th session to show up as old patterns continue to “unwind” in the body.

SI sometimes gets a bad rap for being painful. When it was developed, the first generation of “old school” Rolfers didn’t always know techniques to get results without pushing past clients’ comfort levels unnecessarily. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then!

While it’s true that parts of the body may be sensitive to touch and there can be intensity to the work, you are always in control of the session. We can slow down, decrease pressure, or skip areas at any point.

Work in sensitive areas has a similar sensation to a deep stretch or as clients like to say, “it hurts so good”.

For more detail, check out this video by Tom Myers:

Loose gym style shorts or underwear and a comfortable bra or swimsuit top with minimal straps are recommended. If that is not comfortable, you can wear more clothing or we can work through a top sheet. Keep in mind that thick clothing (such as jeans) are harder to work through.
Typically, clients like to wait about a week or two between sessions. Sessions can be done in succession once or even twice a day if you have limited time or need the series done quickly. Conversely, you can wait longer between sessions, although spacing more than a month apart is not recommended in order to receive the full benefits of the work.
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